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Mrs. Hebert’s 2010-2011 Classroom Information

Supplies:       paper, pencil or pen (and white-out),spiral notebook (for notes), scientific calculator (I preferTI-30XIIB)

  Supplies for 50 bonus points
(maximum of 5 items)


Package of pencils

Package of Computer Paper (worth 3 items)


Daily assignments    100 points                    Quiz/Projects             50 – 100 points

Tests                           300 points                    9 weeks test               300 points

Notebook                     100 points


Assignments will be given daily.  The assignment will be graded on the second day after it was assigned.  Assignments turned in one day late will be deducted by 20 points (must be graded before turned in).  Assignments after this will receive zeros however they must be kept to be used in the notebook for the end of the 9 weeks. 

Make-up tests and quizzes are to be made up at lunch or after school within 5 school days unless other arrangements have been made with the teacher.  If you miss a test, for whatever reason, you may be given a different test covering the same material.

You may be given a quiz at any time with or without warning.  Projects will be short or long term, out of class assignments.

When you are absent from class it is your responsibility to get the assignment and notes that were missed.

You can check your average on WenGage (located on the Poteau High School web page).  Do not ask me for your average.  If you do not have a computer at home you can use the computer in the library or another classroom.

Classroom Rules

1.         Always bring book, paper, calculator and pencil to class.

2.         Be in your seat and working when the bell rings.

3.         Be respectful to others.  If something doesn’t belong to you leave it alone.  No name calling.

4.         Food or drinks are not allowed past the doorway!!

5.         Cell phones are not allowed out in the classroom.  If you have one keep it put up & turned off.  (I will take it away!)

6.         You will not be allowed to leave the room without a pass.

Classroom Consequences

If you are tardy to class on occasion I may or may not excuse it.  It may depend on your attitude and reason for being late as to whether or not it will be excused.  If you are consistently tardy, you will have detention or you will stay 1 minute after the bell rings depending on how late you are.  If you are assigned detention, you will come to my class at the beginning of lunch for 15 minutes.  Just remember everyone who comes in late becomes a disruption to the entire class.  If you choose to be tardy, enter the class quietly because you do not have the right to keep others from learning.

If you ask to go to the bathroom, your locker, get a drink of water, office or miscellaneous reason you will remain in the classroom for 1 minute after the bell rings before you are dismissed from class.  (No exceptions!!!)

If inappropriate behavior occurs you will be dealt with by receiving detention, sent out of class, sent to office or a phone call to parent.



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