Attendance: I expect you to be here on time daily. If you are tardy three or more times on a nine weeks you will have detention each time after the second tardy.

Homework: You will be assigned a base number of problems each day, and you will have an opportunity to do extra work each day. Any assignments handed in late will have 10% deducted until the test day. After the test/quiz day late work will be taken for one-half credit for one week only, after that week you will get NO CREDIT.

Tests & Quizzes: Test and quizzes will be teacher made and/or book test. If you failed a test/quiz or have a failing average you will be allowed to take a makeup test at MY discretion before school, after school or at noon. If you are absent the day of the test you will be given an alternate makeup test.

My Grades will be based on total points.

The nine weeks test will be about one-forth of your nine weeks grade. If you have no absences or tardies, I will not count your nine weeks test if it is lower than your average, if the test is higher than your average you will receive that grade. The minimum difference is 10 points.


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