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Advanced Placement Art History, an elective open to juniors and seniors, is a challenging, college-level course going beyond the art history curriculum taught in Humanities courses.  You will acquire the tools enabling you to be conversant about any piece of art you encounter for the rest of your life, mastering how to approach a work of art, the vocabulary and analytical methods with which to discuss it, and the knowledge of how it fits into the general sweep of art historical periods and styles.  We will also work toward achieving an understanding of the interconnectedness of art with other aspects of world culture.  By giving “voice” to works by lesser-known artists and from unfamiliar cultures, we will aim to develop as broad as possible a perspective about and appreciation for both European-based and non-Western art. You will receive the preparation enabling you to score well on the A.P. exam, earning you credit at most of the colleges and universities in the United States.


Attendance and completion of assigned readings are required in this course and are prerequisites for taking the Advanced Placement Art History exam.  Grades will be based on major tests (50%) and quizzes over assigned readings (50%).  Students who must miss class are expected to take the scheduled reading quiz IN ADVANCE, as there will be NO MAKEUP QUIZZES over reading assignments; however, students will earn one dropped grade for each Wednesday lunch-time session of LUNCHIES Art History Fun and Games.  Makeup tests will be administered during lunch on Tuesdays.  It is the responsibility of the students to arrange with me to retake any missed major test, and the makeup test must be completed by the end of the second Tuesday makeup session.


Extra Credit Opportunities: 

Attendance on class field trips and successful completion of field trip assignments

will earn a 100 major test grade. 




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Exam Information

Formal Analysis vs. Historical Context


Exam Information*
  The AP Art History Exam
  Art History: About Contextual Items (.pdf/134KB)
  Comments from a Previous Chief Reader
  Image Projection for the AP Art History Exam Administration New!

Beginning in 2006, the possible topics for the long essay question that requires incorporation of art beyond the European tradition will not be announced in advance.

Also beginning in 2006, the order of the free-response questions will be as follows:
  • Question 1 will be a 30-minute essay question requiring students to incorporate in their response at least one example of art beyond the European tradition.
  • Questions 2 through 8 will be 5- or 10-minute essay questions based on slides and/or text.
  • Question 9 will be a 30-minute essay question.

*information provided by APCentral, 6/30/07