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All art pieces produced by the student are his property: therefore, the students are required to purchase various material or supplies necessary to produce them. This will require various purchases throughout the year. (cloth, wire, etc.) Additionally, A basic art supply fee of $7.00 is required at the beginning of each semester which will cover the costs of basic supplies including drawing paper, ebony pencils, pastels, oil pastels, watercolors, ruler, and colored pencils.

Written tests will be used for periodic assessment of art stressing critical thinking skills. Written tests cannot be “made-up” without an excused absence. Project Grades are divided into 6 categories as follows:

Participation: Participation is 20% of your grade on each project, it is necessary for you to have your supplies at your working area before the tardy bell and to be working on that project for the entire classroom time. During lectures, students should not talk while being instructed - this means intercom, and other speakers. If you are tardy, absent, or providing off task participation you will receive 5points less on each infraction.

Cleanup: Cleanup is 10% of your grade on each project. Appropriate time will be allowed at the end of each class period for cleanup. Students are to cleanup any marks, messes, or spills on and around their desks. Projects and Supplies should be placed in the provided cabinets in a orderly appearance. Sinks should be wiped and cleaned if necessary. All soda cans and trash should be placed in waste basket

Design/Composition: Design and Composition will be worth 20% of your grade on each project. (how well the elements and principles of art are used). size and placement of subject matter will be stressed.

Originality/Copied work: Originality of work will be stressed and will be worth 20% of your grade on each project. Where projects require the student to reproduce or copy what they see, accuracy of this process is alternately stressed.

Application of Media/Techniques Used: Application and Techniques used will be worth 20% of your grade on each project. Student must meet technique objective of each project, i.e., gesture drawing, contour drawing, crosshatch, value control, etc.,

Finished Projection Time: Due dates will be strictly enforced and will be worth 10% of your grade on each project. Late work will be accepted with up to 10 points as a penalty providing the work is no more than one week late. Projects past one week late will receive a zero (0) unless an alternate due date has been approved prior to original due date.
Artroom duties are required by each student during different times during the semester. Duties can be daily, weekly, or as a need arrives. Some examples of duties include: Door Greeter, Supply Distribution, Windex Desks (weekly), Collect or Pass papers, etc. Duties provide positive self-esteem and citizenship. A class party/movie day will be given at the end of each 9 week period for positive participation in a duty.

Classroom Rules:
As a student in the art department, I will abide by the following rules.
• You should be seated at the tables and ready for class when the bell rings. Do not get up off of your seat without permission.
• Bring materials you will need to class....PLAN AHEAD (special supplies)
• Bring a pencil to class each day before the bell rings. (No mechanical pencils will be allowed)
• Don’t talk or interrupt the teacher or a classmate when they are talking. LOUD CONVERSATION/CRITICISM OF CLASSMATES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
• Safety is stressed: No horseplay, hitting, or throwing objects. Observe all safety precautions of materials in classroom including electronics, scissors, xacto-knives, paper cutters, paint, glue, and chemicals.
• You are responsible for the neatness and cleanliness of this room. Put tools/materials in their proper places. Don’t be wasteful.
• Class beginning - teacher greeting, attendance check, and information or instructions.
• The teacher is the only one allowed to answer the intercom. When the office interrupts, you should become quiet and listen. The information may pertain to you.
• All artwork MUST be done in the classroom during the regular scheduled period. You will not receive any credit for artwork done outside the classroom unless preauthorized by Mr. Williams
• Softdrinks are allowed providing they do not become a distraction or left as litter. No food or candy.
• Do not enter Supply Room, Teacher Desk Area or Unassigned closets without prior approval.
• Do not adjust thermostat, lights, windows, window shades, or locks on doors or windows in the artroom.
• Do not handle any property that is not yours without prior approval.

Life Principles will be stressed in the artroom. Each student should become familiar with and strive to demonstrate life principles while in the artroom. (See Attached)
As mature young people, manners are very much a part of your life. I expect you to act like the ladies and gentlemen that you are. Remember to treat others as you would like to be treated. Kindness cost so very little and means so very much. Students should read their school handbook, be familiar with it’s contents, and know the rules of Poteau High School.

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Thank you very much for your cooperation. Mr. Williams, Art Instructor.